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About Henshin Media:

Henshin Media is a company founded by storytelling. Henshin Media exists to tell stories unfettered and unencumbered by the restrictions, schedules, and phsyicality of the old world of media.

Based in Melbourne, it is the express intention of Henshin Media to make great art. We accept that not everything can be perfect, that not everyone can agree, and we respect that there is room in the world for taste and taste disparity - but it's the philosophy of that goal that's important. We want everything we make to be the best it can be, whether we're on the clock for a client or on the clock for our audiences - we want to deliver the best, the most creative, and the most beautiful work possibly.

But our being based in Melbourne is only incidentally important - Henshin Media exists in the future, where the internet has replaced the television, and it's that truth that inspires the type of content we create, and the ways we deliver that content.